Second Annual Meeting of the Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation Programme in May

Representatives of the contributing Swiss governmental bodies and the National Coordination Unit held their second meeting in Budapest from May 14-16, 2024, to evaluate the progress of the Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation Programme and discuss the tasks for the following year.

The Swiss delegation conducted an on-site visit related to two support measures of the cooperation program to meet the stakeholders of the planned activities. Regarding the Research and Innovation programme, they visited the ELI-ALPS Laser Research Institute in Szeged, where Professor Gábor Szabó, the executive director of the institute, provided information about their establishment, the ongoing work, the results of laser utilization, and the flourishing international research collaborations.


The delegation also gathered experience on the professional content of the Fight against human trafficking programme. As part of this, they visited a site focused on similar activities funded from a different source, accompanied by representatives of the Ministry of Interior, who are responsible for the programme.

The Swiss delegation also visited the Ministry of Energy, where ministry staff, collaborating as professional partners in the programme aimed at improving drinking water supply and wastewater treatment, presented the current status of the programme and discussed the upcoming tasks.

During the annual meeting, the Swiss government delegation reviewed the work done to prepare for implementation in 2023 and approved the report of the National Coordination Unit responsible for the entire implementation in Hungary.

The parties reviewed the development of relations between the two countries and concluded that cooperation is mutually beneficial for both Hungary and the Swiss Confederation. During the discussions, the parties agreed that the challenges and risks associated with the implementation of the support measures can be addressed and reduced through responsible planning, transparent and public procedures, open communication of the measures to both the Hungarian and Swiss public, and a Hungarian-Swiss partnership based on genuine dialogue.


On the occasion of the meeting, members of the Swiss delegation, employees of domestic institutions involved in the implementation, and invited representatives of institutions participating in the support measures had the opportunity to exchange further information and experiences in an informal setting as guests of Jean-François Paroz, the Swiss Ambassador to Budapest. This was aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of the cooperation areas.

The video of the three-day event is available on the official Facebook page of the Cooperation Programme.

10 June 2024.